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Matt Jones , ACNP

Clinical Director

As a Nurse Practitioner, Matt has hands-on experience both in the cath lab and on the operational management of freestanding office-based cath labs. Matt leads our clinical support through physician engagement, nursing recruitment and training, systems applications, product review, inventory management, equipment selection and utilization.

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About Matt Jones

Matt Jones, an accomplished Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) and the Clinical Director at Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA), brings a wealth of hands-on experience from the cath lab to the operational helm of freestanding cath labs.

With over two decades experience in the heart and vascular office-based lab (OBL) and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) domain, Matt’s clinical acumen and operational prowess are instrumental in driving CCA’s mission forward​.

An alumnus of Millikin University (BSN) and St. Louis University (MSN), Matt’s educational background is as robust as his professional journey. Before joining CCA, Matt honed his skills at Missouri Heart and Vascular, County Cardiology and St. Louis Cardiovascular, where his contributions have left a lasting imprint​.

At CCA, Matt spearheads clinical support, acting as a linchpin in physician engagement, nursing recruitment, and training. His leadership extends to systems applications, product review, inventory management, equipment selection and utilization, embodying a holistic approach to operational excellence​.

Matt’s philosophy transcends the conventional; He champions the cross-training of all staff within the cardiovascular ASC, fostering a culture of continuous learning and multidisciplinary collaboration. This ethos not only elevates patient care but also cultivates a conducive environment for physicians, aligning with CCA’s vision of blending top-notch clinical care with operational efficiency.

Matt Jones is not just a seasoned healthcare professional; he’s a visionary leader whose proactive approach is pivotal in navigating the intricacies of outpatient cardiovascular facilities. His extensive experience, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset, makes Matt a tremendous asset to CCA and a reliable partner for physicians aspiring to redefine outpatient cardiovascular care.

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