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Sheree Leppinen , BSN

Site Development

Sheree is a registered nurse who has dedicated her career to cardiovascular healthcare. As a past administrator of the first Hybrid ASC/Cath-Lab in Florida, Sheree brings a wealth of knowledge of quality patient healthcare in the outpatient setting and yielding positive financial benefits to both providers and patients.

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About Sheree Leppinen

Sheree Leppinen, a seasoned registered nurse, has channeled her dedication toward cardiovascular healthcare into a journey of site development and management at Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA).

As the Site Development Manager, Sheree is a linchpin in orchestrating the seamless integration of clinical excellence with state-of-the-art cardiovascular ambulatory surgery centers.

With a solid foundation in nursing and healthcare administration, Sheree’s voyage in cardiovascular healthcare saw her embracing pivotal roles such as the Administrator/Director of Nursing at Heart and Rhythm Institute of Trinity, where her leadership significantly impacted the quality of patient care and operational efficiency.

Sheree’s acumen was further amplified as she undertook the role of a Healthcare Specialist at CCA since November 2021. Her stewardship here heralded a new era of quality patient healthcare in outpatient settings, simultaneously propelling financial benefits for both providers and patients.

Not just confined to the echelons of management, Sheree is also a thought leader in her field. Her accolades also include surveyor for AAAHC, a Medicare accreditation company for ASC’s.

At CCA, Sheree’s role transcends traditional site development; she’s the conduit between visionary physicians and the realization of CCA’s mission to provide unparalleled outpatient cardiovascular care. Her extensive clinical and administrative experience, coupled with a collaborative approach, ensures that physicians partnering with CCA are poised for success.

In the dynamic landscape of cardiovascular ambulatory centers, Sheree Leppinen stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership, with CCA’s ethos of fostering a physician-driven, patient-centric environment.


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