The risk of outsourcing your CV ASC business

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Matt Jones, ANCP
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When developing and managing any ASC you need to surround yourself with professionals who understand the space and specific needs or your business as well as the services you provide.

This is true for any business but even more so in the Cardiovascular Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Specialized CV ASC’s require services that are interconnected and communicate efficiently.

For the successful CV ASC you need to bring together a team of architects, builders, engineers, information systems specialist, credentialing experts, policy and procedure experts, insurance contracting, equipment experts, prior authorization, revenue cycle management, industry pricing negotiations, inventory management and that is just to get to the point of opening the doors.

The risk of bringing all of these subcontracted entities together is that it takes significant time to find the qualified people and no one knows what the other is doing to move the business forward.

You can find a qualified builder who knows an architect who can work with industry to build the building.

You can hire a consultant to walk you through the accreditation process and provide some generic policies and procedures that may or may not be specific for the services you provide because the last ASC they worked with was a GI lab.

You can build a beautiful one room or multiple room ASC but not realize you overspent by $300,000.00 on the fixed unit, then realizing later your operating needs really required more space.

You could hire the local billing company who also provides the same services to ortho, GI and urology but claims to understand the intricacies of cardiovascular billing too.

Of Course this billing service does not interface with the insurance contracting service or the prior authorization specialists to ensure the service is qualified, covered and paid.

When any one of these outsourced services fail it often goes undetected for months until a real problem develops and suddenly you realize you have a system failure with no one entity being accountable.

When considering a CV ASC venture of this magnitude with real risk don’t compound the risk by outsourcing all the cogs of the business.

Do your homework and look for an experienced development and management team with years of Cardiovascular OBL/ASC experience who can provide all of these services under one roof and are always accountable for every aspect of your business.