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Full-service ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and office-based lab (OBL) development and management solutions to simplify the complex. No commitment pro-formas and opportunity consultation.

Advancing Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA) is a specialized heart & vascular ASC & OBL development and management company. CCA believes that a development and management partner should be as focused on heart & vascular specialties as the doctors and the staff are to bring value to the joint venture partnership, the facility, and patients every day.

Interventional Cardiology
Interventional Radiology
Vascular Surgery

Empowering Physicians

Our approach fosters efficient facilities with a welcoming culture, ensuring physicians work in a positive environment. This leads to greater patient satisfaction, more engaged partnerships, and, crucially, physicians who feel both fulfilled and empowered in their roles.

Optimize case scheduling & efficiency
Enhance professional satisfaction
Foster a positive workplace
Boost practice profitability
Minimize turnaround times
Offer flexible scheduling
Equip with top-tier cath & EP lab technology
Empowering Physicians

Increasing Patient Satisfaction

At Cardiovascular Centers of America, our goal is to consistently surpass patient expectations by providing outstanding care and surgical experience, backed by our highly skilled facility staff.

Enhance health outcomes
Provide superior quality care
Elevate patient experiences
Lower patient expenses
Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Reducing The Cost Of Care

Cardiovascular Centers of America treats payers, whether traditional insurers or value-based managed care organizations, as integral partners. Our in-house management and contracting work has led to successful agreements with major insurers across the states we operate in, showcasing our proactive stance in local HMO and value-based care arenas.

Adhere to competitive non-hospital rates
Broaden outpatient care accessibility
Enhance outpatient service offerings
Implement efficiency-driven cost reductions
Cut costs for Medicare and other payers
Improve overall care accessibility
Reducing The Cost Of Care

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Built By Cardiologists, For Cardiologists

Founded by Dr. William Reilly , a seasoned Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiovascular Centers of America was established in 2019. Driven by his 20 years of experience in developing, operating, and managing various Office-Based Labs (OBLs) and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Dr. Reilly envisioned creating a company that would embody the ideal development and management support he had always sought in his professional journey.

Why Cardiovascular Centers of America?

Cardiovascular Centers of America is the leading heart & vascular ASC & OBL development and management company in the United States. Our approach prioritizes the needs and goals of our physician partners, ensuring they excel in an environment that is both physician-driven and focused on patient-centered care.

Our commitment is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve in the healthcare community.


Full-Service Development & Management

CCA is dedicated to overseeing both the development and ongoing management of facilities. Discover the range of services CCA offers by exploring further.


Specialized in Heart & Vascular ASC

Beyond being a business solution partner, CCA provides invaluable clinical expertise, especially in Cath Labs and EP labs, ensuring top-notch care.


Customized Partnership Models

At CCA, we tailor partnership structures to fit each unique scenario, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to ensure optimal collaboration and success.


Collaborative & Physician-Friendly Terms

CCA is committed to proving its value with ongoing support, fostering a cooperative rather than restrictive environment for physicians and health systems.


Innovative Shared Services

CCA's integrated service platform ensures efficiency and transparency are central to every facility's operations, embracing modern management approaches.


Benefit from the CCA Network

Leverage CCA's extensive national network for enhanced payer contracting, procurement, resource recruitment, and shared knowledge, benefiting each individual site.

Full-Service Expert Solutions

Cardiovascular Centers of America specializes in heart and vascular care, offering a holistic approach to both development and management. Our expertise ensures seamless, turnkey operations for our physician partners. This comprehensive strategy transforms the complexities of medical management into streamlined, efficient processes.


Streamline efficiency.

A full suite of integrated services and management to support your operations.

Operations Planning, Management, and Support
Comprehensive support in planning and managing the daily operations of the cardiovascular ambulatory surgery center to ensure efficient and high-quality patient care.
Regulations & Compliance
Guidance and oversight in ensuring all operations align with relevant regulations and standards, minimizing risks and potential liabilities.
Facility Development & Management
End-to-end services in designing, developing, and managing state-of-the-art cardiovascular surgery facilities tailored to specific needs.
Information Technology
Deployment and management of advanced IT infrastructure and solutions to optimize patient care, data management, and operational efficiency.
Medical Data Management
Secure and organized handling of patient data, ensuring its availability for effective clinical decision-making and compliance with privacy standards.
Turn-Key Digital Marketing Planning & Execution
Integrated digital marketing strategies to enhance the center's online presence, drive patient engagement, and grow its patient base.
State Licensing
Assistance in navigating and obtaining necessary state licenses for the seamless operation of the cardiovascular ambulatory surgery center.
Pharmacy Permitting
Guidance in securing required pharmacy permits, ensuring safe and compliant pharmaceutical practices.
Local Permitting (Biohazard/Radiation)
Support in obtaining local permits for biohazard and radiation management, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and staff.
AAAHC Accreditation
Preparation and support for the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) standards, underlining a commitment to quality care.
Physician privileges
Facilitation of granting specific clinical privileges to qualified physicians, allowing them to provide particular services within the center.
120+ Policy/ Procedural creation and maintenance
Development, implementation, and regular updating of over 120 policies and procedures to drive consistent and standardized care delivery.
Emergency Management readiness
Robust emergency preparedness plans and trainings to ensure swift and effective responses during critical situations.
Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)
Ongoing programs to monitor, assess, and improve the quality and safety of patient care, aligned with industry best practices.
Survey Readiness (scheduled and unannounced)
Continuous readiness for both scheduled and unexpected surveys or inspections, ensuring consistent compliance and operational excellence.
Clia & CEMP
Support for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) requirements, ensuring operational compliance and preparedness.

Financial Operations

Maximize profitability with dollars.

A full suite of integrated services and management to support your financials.

Leading Capital Access
Access to premier capital resources to ensure the cardiovascular ambulatory surgery center's financial stability and support its growth aspirations.
Accounting & Reporting
Comprehensive accounting services, coupled with transparent reporting, to maintain fiscal clarity and enable informed decision-making.
Contract Negotiations
Expert assistance in negotiating favorable contracts, ensuring the best terms for partnerships, vendor agreements, and other essential collaborations.
Tax Reporting & Management
Efficient tax management solutions to ensure timely reporting, optimal tax savings, and compliance with all tax regulations.
Growth Strategy
Tailored strategies to drive expansion and development, catering to both current operational needs and long-term vision.
Supply Chain Management
Streamlined management of the supply chain, ensuring timely availability of necessary medical supplies and cost-effective procurement.
Revenue Cycle Management
Optimization of all processes involved in revenue generation, from patient registration to billing, to ensure a healthy cash flow.
Reimbursement Optimization
Strategies to maximize reimbursements from insurance providers, ensuring the center receives the best compensation for its services.
Centralized Billing & Collections
Centralized processes for efficient billing and collections, ensuring timely revenue collection and minimizing outstanding debts.


Enhance patient care.

A full suite of integrated services and management to support your clinical team.

Clinical Best Practices
Commitment to upholding the highest standards of care by adopting and implementing the latest clinically proven best practices in the cardiovascular field.
Quality Staffing for All Clinical Support
Recruitment and retention of top-tier clinical support staff, ensuring patients receive exceptional care throughout their experience.
Flexible Scheduling
Adaptable appointment scheduling systems that cater to the diverse needs of patients, aiming to minimize wait times and enhance patient satisfaction.
Physician/Staff Friendly Office Hours
Office hours tailored to balance the operational needs of the center and the personal well-being of the physicians and staff, promoting a positive work environment.
24-Hours RN Patient Follow-Ups
Dedicated registered nurse follow-ups within 24 hours post-procedure, ensuring patient well-being, addressing concerns, and enhancing post-operative care.

Human Resources

Build a great team.

A full suite of integrated services and management to support your team.

Proven HR Practices
Established and effective human resources strategies that prioritize the well-being and professional growth of every team member.
Career Development
Robust programs aimed at fostering continuous professional growth, providing opportunities for skills enhancement and career progression.
HR Infrastructures, Policies and Management
Solid HR foundations with clear policies, best practices, and effective management systems that ensure smooth personnel operations.
Payroll and Tax Reporting
Efficient payroll processing complemented by meticulous tax reporting, ensuring timely and accurate compensation and tax compliance.
Benefits Administration
Comprehensive management of employee benefits, ensuring that all team members have access to the perks and support they deserve.
Federal, State and Local Compliance
Strict adherence to all federal, state, and local labor regulations, ensuring a compliant and risk-free work environment.
Compensation Management
Strategies to ensure competitive and fair compensation for all employees, aligned with industry standards and individual performance.
401k and Benefits
Offering robust 401k plans alongside a suite of other benefits, supporting the long-term financial well-being of employees.
Employee Retention Plans
Initiatives designed to recognize and reward loyalty, ensuring that top talent feels valued and remains with the organization.
Internal Communications and Conflict Resolution
Effective communication channels and conflict resolution mechanisms, fostering a harmonious and transparent workplace.
Leading Employee Morale
Continued efforts to boost team spirit, motivation, and overall morale, ensuring a positive and productive work environment.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize revenue.

A full suite of integrated services and management to support your growth.

Transcription Management
Efficient handling and processing of medical transcriptions, ensuring accurate record-keeping and timely documentation.
Precision in medical coding processes, guaranteeing that services are coded correctly for optimal reimbursement and minimized denials.
Claims Submissions
Streamlined and timely submission of claims to insurance providers, ensuring accuracy and maximizing revenue inflow.
Accounts Receivable Management
Comprehensive management of outstanding accounts, ensuring prompt payments while maintaining positive patient and provider relationships.
Collections Management
Effective strategies and protocols for managing overdue accounts, striking a balance between recovering dues and ensuring patient goodwill.
Managed Care Contracting
Expertise in negotiating and managing contracts with managed care organizations, ensuring the best terms and maximizing reimbursement.
Management Reporting
Transparent and insightful reporting to provide leadership with a clear overview of operations, financials, and areas for improvement.

Our Team

Meet Your Future Partners

Boasting over 20 years of pioneering work in cardiovascular outpatient development, our physician leadership is uniquely versed in both the clinical intricacies and business aspects of ASC/OBL operations. This dual expertise ensures that our team not only understands but actively shapes the evolving landscape of cardiovascular care.

Meet the team
Years of experience
Procedures performed
Future for you
  • William Reilly

    William Reilly

    Founder & President

  • Timothy Price

    Timothy Price

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Steve Morgan

    Steve Morgan

    VP Of Business Development

  • Mike Lembo

    Mike Lembo

    VP Accounting, Controller

  • Lori Meyer

    Lori Meyer

    Director of Revenue Cycle and Payer Contracting

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    Clinical Director

  • Sheree Leppinen

    Sheree Leppinen

    Site Development

Local Ownership On A National Scale

Advanced Heart & Vascular Surgery Centers (HVSC) are managed by Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA) in partnership with the local physician majority owners.

The network of CCA centers provides opportunity for cross training, power in contracting and negotiations, and a mechanism for bringing best practices to HVSC.

CCA Facilities Map
CCA Daytona Groundbreaking


We selected CCA as our ASC development and management partner based on the team's deep clinical experience and proven track record in the cardiovascular ASC space

Dr. Steve Krasner
Physician Partner

In the news

The ASC world is evolving fast. Stay up to date with ASC news and developments.

The Evolution of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

When navigating ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in today?s cardiovascular healthcare landscape, change is at the forefront, evolving the way we provide care. On MedAxiom HeartTalk, host Melanie Lawson talks with Joe Sasson, PhD, executive vice president of Ventures and chief commercial officer at MedAxiom and Marc Toth, market president, Cardiovascular Services at Atlas Healthcare Partners.


Understanding the New Surprise Billing Regulations

In this episode of the Advancing Surgical Care Podcast, ASCA Chief Executive Officer Bill Prentice talks with Kara Newbury, ASCA regulatory counsel and director of government affairs, and Alex Taira, ASCA regulatory policy and research manager, about the new surprise billing regulations that took effect at the beginning of 2022.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Association

The Expansion of Cardiovascular Procedures in the ASC Setting

In recent years, there has been a trend towards the provision of cardiovascular procedures in the outpatient setting and particularly in ambulatory surgery centers (“ASCs”). This trend is in part motivated by the fact that outpatient cardiovascular services, in comparison to cardiovascular services performed on an inpatient basis, tend to be less expensive and offer greater comfort and convenience for patients.


Office-Based Labs: An Evolving Healthcare Model

We first opened the Tyler Cardiac & Endovascular Center over 9 years ago. Located in Tyler, Texas, about an hour and a half east of Dallas, our single specialty practice consists of 11 cardiovascular specialists. As a convenience to our patients, we conduct office visits in numerous satellite offices throughout the region; however, the majority of our major procedures and interventions are performed in our Tyler facilities.

Cath Lab Digest

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