The Cardiovascular Centers of America Difference

Cardiovascular Centers of America, CCA is a physician-friendly outpatient facility development and management partner solely focused on cardiovascular services delivered both in the Ambulatory Surgery Center, ASC, and Office Based Lab, OBL, setting.

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The ASC setting is not new, but cardiovascular service lines, especially on the coronary side, within ASCs are relatively new with additional procedures being added to the ASC approved list yearly by CMS.

For example, coronary diagnostics were approved in 2019, and coronary interventions were approved in 2020. CCA and the industry predicts that many additional EP procedures such as cardiac mapping and ablations will be approved by CMS in the next 2 years to join the pacemaker and ICD implant services already on-line. The addition of these Cardiovascular Services Lines to the ASC setting makes ASC usage and ownership by Interventional Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists, Vascular Surgeons, and Interventional Radiologists a very attractive option.

Developing, and managing the on-going operations of an ASC is no small task. Given the regulatory compliance environment, and complex business structures the majority of ASCs are developed by ASC development and management companies. These companies range from large fortune 500 entities, such as SCA(owned by United Healthcare), or NCP (owned by Fresenius) to small 1-2 man “consulting” firms.

The large entities tend to generalize their services and offer ASC services across many different specialties including Orthopedics, Gastro, ENT etc. These large legacy entities grew to scale on these other specialties and offer limited experience in the Cardiovascular Services Lines. Due to financial constraints and large company politics the large entities require a 30-51% ownership in your facility giving them super majority veto powers over the physicians. Additionally, the management fees are high when compared with the services received to cover their large corporate overhead and structure. While these large companies can be a great monetization opportunity in the future should you choose to sell, we do not recommend using them to develop a facility as you will give away too much equity for limited and generalized experience. In short, let the big public entities buy you out when you want to monetize your facility.

Consulting firms or individual consultants offer development services for a flat fee. While this can be a perceived inexpensive route, there are several challenges. The for fee consultants incentives are not aligned with your facilities success. All too often the goal of hired consultants is to make sure the facility project moves forward regardless of the long term financial implications, or operational sustainability. Once your center opens you are left “alone” to both manage your practice and the operations of the facility. You will have a limited scale for supply contracts, and reduced visibility into innovations, and learnings across other like minded facilities.

Given the constraints of both large ASC development companies, and consultants Dr. William Reilly, an interventional cardiologist founded CCA to be the ASC management and development company he wished existed to partner with when he created his Cardiovascular Surgery Center in St. Louis Missouri seven years ago. To be that entity CCA differentiates itself in the following ways:

Key CCA Differentiators:

Flexible capital contribution and equity %

Flexible capital contribution and equity % in the operating companies (as low as 15-20%). We put capital at risk to solidify strategic alignment. We work with you to build a strong facility with solid financials and limited risk to you.

Reciprocal equity options in CCA

Reciprocal equity options in CCA. This is a game changer. CCA plans to offer up to 30% interest in the CCA entity to our partner facility physicians. As CCA grows and is successful we want our physician partners to join us in that success. The goal is to align our teams: If CCA succeeds you succeed and if you succeed CCA succeeds. We believe this is how partnerships should work!

Competitive management & billing fees

Reasonable management fees and billing service fees that account for device heavy CV centers


Physician leadership that understands the details of the clinical and business side of the ASC/OBL and a team with 20+ years CV outpatient development experience

Modern technology platform

Modern technology platform and services tailored to Cardiovascular Service Lines so the operation runs smoothly, and transparently.

Knowledge sharing and networking

Knowledge sharing and networking across our physician partner network for continuous clinical improvement across CV services. By collaborating with other facilities you will find cost savings and revenue generation opportunities to more than off-set any associated costs.

Industry leading commercial payer contracts/relationships

Industry leading commercial payer contracts/relationships specially targeted at Cardiovascular Services. Get paid more for what you do.

National Device and product contracts

National Device and product contracts to bring you the best clinical devices and pricing available. Tap into our relationships and volume negotiating at scale.