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Steve Morgan

VP Of Business Development

Steve has been in the cardiac rhythm management industry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience working with doctors, nurses and administrators. He has spent the last 10 years collaborating with physicians by helping them manage the business side of running an ASC. He brings a strong passion to our company as he knows firsthand the positive impact a surgery center has on patients, doctors and staff.

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About Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan, the esteemed Vice President of Business Development at Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA), has carved a niche in the cardiac rhythm management industry over a span of 30 years.

His profound experience, garnered from collaborative ventures with physicians, nurses, and administrators, is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of the cardiovascular healthcare landscape​.

Embarking on his journey in cardiac rhythm management, Steve has continually fostered relationships with medical professionals, aiding them in navigating the business intricacies of running Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). His last decade has been notably dedicated to this endeavor, where his acumen has been pivotal in bridging clinical operations with business strategies, ensuring a seamless continuum of care while bolstering the financial health of these centers.

The tapestry of Steve’s professional endeavors is rich with experiences that not only underline his expertise but also his indomitable passion for enhancing the healthcare delivery model. His insightful approach is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the positive ripple effects a well-managed surgery center casts on patients, physicians, and the supporting staff. This ethos is seamlessly aligned with CCA’s mission to create a network of physician-owned outpatient cardiovascular facilities across the US, resonating with the organization’s objective to blend superior clinical care with robust business development initiatives​.

Steve’s role at CCA transcends the conventional realms of business development. He is not merely a strategist but a seasoned companion for physicians, guiding them through the labyrinth of operational and financial management, ensuring they are well-poised to provide exemplary cardiovascular care. His endeavors at CCA are fueled by a visionary approach to foster a symbiotic relationship between clinical excellence and operational efficiency, a pursuit that not only propels CCA’s growth but also elevates the standard of cardiovascular care.

With Steve at the helm of business development, CCA is not just fostering growth; it’s nurturing a culture of excellence, where physicians are empowered, patients are prioritized, and quality healthcare is the hallmark. His journey resonates with every heartbeat CCA aims to protect and is a beacon of assurance for physicians aspiring to join hands with CCA.


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