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Timothy Price

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced business operator with track record of leveraging modern technology and financial processes to create scalable solutions. Tim brings technology, financial and business excellence to our team.

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About Timothy Price

As the Chief Executive Officer of Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA), Timothy Price is a seasoned business operator known for his adeptness in leveraging modern technology and financial processes to create scalable solutions in the healthcare sector.

With a tenure that commenced in March 2019, Tim has been the driving force behind CCA’s mission to establish state-of-the-art cardiovascular outpatient centers across the country​.

Tim’s journey alongside Dr. William Reilly, an interventional cardiologist and the founder of CCA, commenced earlier this year. Together, they envision a network of facilities equipped with the latest in cardiovascular care technology, ensuring a synthesis of top-tier medical services and operational excellence​.

Prior to his role at CCA, Tim honed his expertise at PowerPlan, Inc., where he served as a Practice Lead in Professional Service for nearly four years. His tenure there was marked by his innovative approach to operations and software development, attributes he now channels into creating a world-class development and management platform for outpatient cardiovascular facilities at CCA​.

His strategic foresight is not just limited to operational streamlining. Tim is committed to fostering a collaborative environment at CCA, where physicians are not just stakeholders, but active participants in a shared vision. His leadership ethos is built around enabling physicians to provide unparalleled cardiovascular care, ensuring patient satisfaction, and ultimately, driving the success and growth of CCA.

Tim’s professional ethos, combined with his progressive vision for cardiovascular healthcare, makes him a distinguished leader within the industry. His ability to meld technological innovation with financial acumen not only propels CCA forward but also establishes a promising pathway for physicians looking to transcend traditional healthcare paradigms and be part of a transformative journey in cardiovascular care.

Timothy Price's Blog Posts

The 2024 CMS Proposed PFS and OBL Rates were released in July 2023. The rates will be finalized in the October for Jan 2024 implementation and are subject to change. The following are CCA’s key takeaways pertaining to the services lines supported in CCA’s facilities. Rates notes are national averages for simplicity and relatively vary by specific locality.

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