Why the Office Based Lab (OBL) Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Hybrid approach

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Matt Jones, ANCP
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The CCA team has 20+ years or experience developing and operating OBL’s and 6+ years developing and operating CV ASC’s.

In the recent two years we have seen a significant movement from CMS to offer more procedural codes with increasing reimbursement in the ASC while decreasing reimbursement for many of the procedures offered in the OBL.

CCA believes that while the OBL still has its place in providing affordable quality care to the CV patient population the days of the sustainable independent OBL may be numbered.

For that reason any future CCA cardiovascular center development is built to the ASC standards.

The hybrid ASC/OBL allows the gamut of CV procedures to be provided at our facilities.

Although the CV ASC procedure list continues to grow it still lacks many of the necessary procedures offered in the OBL.

By operating and accrediting our facilities to the ASC standards we are positioned to offer all available OBL/ASC service while prepared to operate and grow as the space changes.