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William Reilly , MD

Founder & President

Dr. William Reilly (Bill) leads a clinically focused team that brings together deep outpatient cath lab experience with exacting financial management and operational excellence. An Interventional Cardiologist with 20+ years experience developing and working in outpatient Cardiovascular facilities, trained and faculty at Washington University in St. Louis. Founder and Medical Director of St. Louis Cardiovascular Institute and St. Louis Specialty Surgical Center, LLC.

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About William Reilly

Dr. William (Bill) Reilly is a seasoned interventional cardiologist and a visionary in the realm of ambulatory cardiovascular care. As the founder of Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA), he has charted a distinctive course in developing and managing state-of-the-art cardiovascular ambulatory surgery centers.

His journey spans over two decades of exemplary service and innovation, ensuring a blend of clinical acumen with financial prudence and operational superiority.

Dr. Reilly’s educational and professional foundation was laid at the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, where he not only honed his medical expertise but also served as a revered faculty member.

His relentless pursuit of elevating outpatient cardiovascular care led to the establishment of St. Louis Cardiovascular Institute and St. Louis Specialty Surgical Center, LLC, which stand as testaments to his commitment towards superior patient care and physician collaboration.

At CCA, Dr. Reilly helms a team of dedicated professionals whose collective experience in outpatient catheterization labs is paralleled only by their stringent adherence to financial management and operational excellence. Under his astute leadership, CCA has emerged as a beacon for physicians seeking to venture into the ambulatory cardiovascular space.

His foresight and hands-on approach have fostered an environment where physicians can not only practice cutting-edge cardiology but also partake in a robust operational framework that propels the success of their ventures.

With Dr. Reilly at the helm, CCA extends a compelling invitation to prospective physicians yearning for a collaborative and progressive workspace. His life’s work epitomizes the essence of pioneering cardiovascular care while encapsulating the financial and operational tenets vital for the success and growth of ambulatory cardiovascular centers.

His legacy is not just in the bricks and mortar of the facilities he’s helped envision and build, but in the thriving community of physicians he continues to mentor and inspire.


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