Cross training staff within the CV ASC

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Matt Jones, ANCP
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Now when it comes to staffing and job duties in the cardiovascular ASC I am a firm believer that cross training of all staff is essential. No man or woman is an island in this ASC space.

In the hospital CV interventional labs (CCL, IR, Endo, CVOR) our staff are usually dedicated to duties in either intake, pre/post op holding, circulator, scrub or monitor.

In the CV ASC our staff bring a wealth of CV knowledge and experience to the ASC.

Giving close attention to the realities of ASC staffing and operating costs we have had great success preventing procedure slow downs by implementing cross training of all the staff.

We have documented increased staff as well as patient satisfaction since implementing the cross training policy.

By empowering staff with the necessary resources, training and hands on experience we have all but eliminated the risk of operating slow downs or shutdowns due to staffing issues.

Nurses and technicians from the pre/post op holding are trained to rotate through the procedure room to gain experience in the monitor, circulating and scrub roles.

Vice versa all procedure/ OR staff are equally trained in the holding area.

All staff are expected to share responsibilities for daily logs, quality controls and inventory management.

This initiative has been well received by our Physicians and staff.