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QOROS Clear Lake ASC

Clear Lake, Texas

February 2024

Welcome to QOROS Cardiovascular in Clear Lake, TX - your destination for advanced cardiac care. At Qoros, we're not just about treating heart conditions; we're about revolutionizing the patient care experience in cardiology. Our dedicated team of experts, supported by the latest technology and a network of leading cardiologists, ensures you receive the highest standard of cardiovascular care.

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Project Scope & Services

Performing Site Due Diligence
Structuring LLCs And Operating Agreements
Engaging And Managing Architect
Engineers And General Contractor
Oversaw Construction
Selected Capital Equipment
Overseeing Installation Of Capital Equipment
Creating Staffing Program
Interviewing And Hiring Staff
Developing And Approving Policies And Procedures
Obtaining State Approval For ASC
Obtained AAAHC Accreditation And Medicare Deemed Approval For ASC

Advanced Operating Rooms

Our advanced operating rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing our patients with unparalleled care levels. Surgeons utilize the most modern instruments and equipment to execute intricate procedures with meticulous precision.

State-of-the-art cardiovascular surgical technology for unparalleled care.
Access to the latest cardiovascular tools and instruments for precise interventions.
Supports complex cardiovascular procedures with improved safety and outcomes.
Advanced Operating Rooms
Patient-Centric Design

Patient Recovery Spaces

We've meticulously designed our recovery zones to prioritize comfort and attentive care post-surgery. Featuring tranquil, brightly illuminated environments along with the most recent advancements in patient monitoring systems, we foster a calm recuperation atmosphere.

Specifically designed for cardiovascular patient comfort and care post-surgery.
Peaceful spaces conducive to cardiovascular recovery.
Advanced monitoring technology for comprehensive post-operative cardiovascular care.
Patient Recovery Spaces
Comprehensive Care

Cutting-edge Nursing Station

Our nursing station has been thoughtfully crafted for peak efficiency and easy access. It boasts the latest in medical technology, ensuring swift and comprehensive care coordination for our patients.

Optimized for efficiency in cardiovascular patient management and accessibility.
Equipped with advanced technology for immediate and effective cardiovascular care coordination.
Facilitates prompt and thorough response to the needs of cardiovascular patients.
Cutting-edge Nursing Station

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