Our Core Operating Principles

Operations are at the heart of every ASC development project. Learn more about what we hold tightly to as our core operating principles deployed to every new ASC we build.

Too many physicians are unclear about how they can transition into ownership of their own outpatient facility, leaving them struggling to understand the complexities of the process.

Physicians considering partnering with Cardiovascular Centers of America (CCA) should know that our 3 core operating principles are physician satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare costs.

Whether you're looking for a more flexible environment in which to practice or want the opportunity to increase your revenue, we've got what you need.

Physician Satisfaction

We believe that a successful team begins with satisfied physicians. Our providers are our partners in caring for cardiovascular patients.

We offer a flexible environment that allows our providers to embrace their work-life balance, develop professionally and feel empowered to make the appropriate clinical decision for each patient. Here's how we make life sweeter for physicians:

Facility Efficiency

CCA is dedicated to providing a facility that operates efficiently and allows our physicians to focus on their patients. We believe in creating a work-life balance for our providers and empowering them with the appropriate clinical decision-making tools.

On-Time Scheduling

The ASC/OBL hybrid model allows for better surgery scheduling because it provides a more flexible environment for the physician. This allows the physician to focus on their patients and schedule surgeries more efficiently.

Increase Physician Revenue

CCA physician partners enjoy accelerated and enlarged financial returns by having ownership.

Financial Security

CCA's turn-key operation ensures a low-risk, high reward partnership.

Superior Working Environment

WIth state-of-the-art equipment, predictable surgery scheduling, and a facility dedicated to the cardiovascular specialty, our physicians are set up to thrive.

Staff Excellence

The CCA staff is dedicated to providing a high level of care for all patients. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our physician partners. Our staff is comprised of highly-skilled nurses, radiology technicians and cardiovascular technicians who are all held to a high standard.

Patient Satisfaction

CCA's patient experience always exceeds hospitals patient satisfaction scores. Here are the ways we improve the healthcare experience

Ease of Access

Patients enjoy an easily accessible facility - no more hospital parking garages or endless hallways to navigate.

Scheduling Availability

Since CCA focuses only on cardiovascular patients, surgeries can be scheduled sooner than at the hospital and are often at more reasonable times.

On-Time Performance

CCA has a commitment to on-time performance and prides itself on its ability to meet or exceed patient expectations.

Reduce Costs

Patients generally pay less when they use ASCs/OBLs for surgery instead of hospitals. This is because the ASCs/OBLs are more specialized and focused on one area of surgery - in this case, cardiovascular surgery. This allows the ASCs/OBLs to be more efficient and keep costs down.

Exceptional Experience

With a smaller patient volume, exceptional staff, and cleaner facilities, our patients will feel more cared for and have a more personal experience.

Highest Quality Care

The hybrid model promotes patient-focused care which promotes more efficient recovery times, and minimizes infection rates.

Reduce Health Care Costs

CCA is committed to providing a higher level of care while at the same time reducing health care costs. We believe that the most benefit to patients is achieved when their physician has an ownership interest in their care.

Operate as Office Based Lab and Ambulatory Surgery Center

The ASC/OBL hybrid model has the potential to be more cost effective than an ASC or OBL alone by maximizing CMS reimbursement opportunities.

Operate Efficiently

With less bureaucracy and more autonomy, CCA physicians are empowered to make decisions that increase efficiency in their facilities. Scheduling and execution efficiency in a CCA facility also means you can perform more cases in less time.

Caring for your patients is a full-time job. So then what is your best path to a successful ASC? Hiring someone who's done this kind of work before! Partnering with CCA helps you gain independence from hospitals while achieving higher quality care at less cost - so that all stakeholders can benefit.

If you're interested in learning more about how these principles might work for you, get in touch with us today!